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“My background in design, art history and literature influenced strongly my photographic work. I’m looking for a particular light and shapes often organic, preserving a classical style, avoiding the academic. The recurrent subjects have referents to the nature and in particular water. I like to use both black and white and color, but this one in a very pictorial and often abstract style. ”

Clarissa Collenzi (born in Bologna, Italy), graduated from the Bologna Artistic Liceo which is part of Fine Arts Academy (Bologna Accademia di Belle Arti). Miss Collenzi earned a Bachelor Degree in Medical Illustration at the Anatomy Art Design School which is part of the Faculty of Medicine of the Bologna University that was the first one, and is the only, school in Italy to issue a professional degree in this subject.

She attended several Photographic training courses with renownew photographers from Mexico and the United States. Currently, she is living in Monterrey, México, where she works as a freelance professional in the fields of photography and medical illustrations.

As an active cultural promoter she has been part of the Cultural Council for the State of Nuevo León and the Editorial Board of El Norte/Reforma, one of the most, if not the most influential, national newspaper network. Her photographic work has been exhibited many times in México and abroad, and published by the specialized magazines “La Tempestad” and “Cuartoscuro” (special issue dedicated to photographers of the State of Nuevo León, México).



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