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Clarissa Collenzi

Clarissa Collenzi (Bologna, Italy), graduated from the Bologna Artistic Liceo which is part of the Fine Arts Academy and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Illustration at the Anatomy Art Design School which is part of the Faculty of Medicine of the Bologna University.

Was part of the editorial council of one of the main newspapers in Monterrey, and also a member of  Photographers board art at CONARTE, being a photographer from 1997-2006

Was part of the Italian-Mexican Society Dante Alighieri, supporting the cultural activities as a counselor and ex-president of the same.

Since 1997 she works on photography and participate on solo photo art exhibition and collective, on Mexico, USA, Argentina, Cuba, Italy and Thailand.

Her photos are awarded and published on magazines on Mexico, and are part of private collections and publics.

She shares her life between Mexico and Italy working as a freelance professional photographer and in particular in photo restoration, which she considers a rescue of our memories.

Artist’s Statement

“My background in design, art history, and literature influenced strongly my photographic work.”

“Inspired by the theories of Bauhaus artists, I look for a particular light and shapes often organic, using my camera to paint with light, that is the meaning of the word photography.”

My recurrent subjects have referents in nature and particular water and air, represented by the sky. Utilizing motion and flux as a condition of modern life versus stasis, I want to convey my feelings about the transient of our existence and, at the same time, the dynamism of life. I want to present the abstract qualities of photography and the stasis versus movement in nature.”